Jan Williams

The Welsh Weaver of Tales





It all began when people sat around their fires and

told stories to remind themselves of their past.

It could be simple pieces of   gossip or great

epics but those early oral stories are the

foundation of our modern history and literature. 

Primitive peoples called them “the ladder to the

moon”. Even today climbing that enchanting

ladder can bring people and places alive

in a very vivid way.



Jan is an experienced oral story teller, writer

and teacher, who has worked in many historical

sites in theatres for the Arts Council, Heritage

Lottery and Colchester County Council.


She is well known for:


         Telling stories at Layer Marney, Harwich Festival and Tendring Show
       Founding and working with the Essex Storytellers, who appear regularly at The Essex Book Festival, museums and libraries.
       Writing for Scholastic including their magazine Literacy Plus
       A booklet for adults called “A Candle in the Dark” which explains the historical truth behind the witches of Manningtree.
       Jan has been shortlisted for the Winston Graham Historical Novel Prize
        Appearances on Anglia TV. and B.B.C. Essex.
       Leading walks around local Communities Wivenhoe, Rowhedge, Fingringhoe, Brightlingsea, Mersea Island.
       Work at Southend Children’s Library with their “
       pass it on” project for adults.










Introduce the pleasure of oral storytelling to children and adults
       Open up new cultural backgrounds.   
       Develop a project to suit your school’s 
       Give an understanding of the past.
•      Develop literacy.
       Run workshops for both oral and written storytelling.
       Provide entertainment for special events Book Days, National Storytelling Week, World Book Day 
       Saints’ days: St George, St David,
       St Andrew, St. Patrick




 83 High St. Brightlingsea, Essex, C07 OEG


 Tel: 01206 305630